Fifty Favorite Film Scenes (And Spare Change): Day 2

Fuckity, Fuck, Fuck: In the Loop

I openly admit that my language can be atrocious. I’ve probably used fuck and shit in every possible form, but despite my familiarity with these words, I still get tickled by profanity laced dialogue. No film does this better than the excellent political satire In the Loop. In the scene below, you’ll find the unheralded foul-mouthed power of Peter Capaldi. Needless to say, he chews his fellow actors a new asshole. The amount of gusto Capaldi puts behind each word is music to my ears.

Time Stops: Big Fish

One of the clichés attached to love usually revolves around the stoppage of time when a person meets their romantic equal. Through visual panache and the gee- whiz acting of Ewan McGregor, Tim Burton captures this essence in a transcendent scene from Big Fish. The film itself excels on fable romanticism, but it’s heightened at this moment where McGregor walks through a minefield of popcorn and through a hoop in the name of love. The marriage of majestic visuals and emotional potency has me smitten.

Tree and All: The Virgin Spring

Ingmar Bergman’s films are stuffed with terrific shots and symbolic gestures that are seared into the mind of a viewer. If there was ever a scene that signified Bergman’s power, it’d be a religious tinged moment in The Virgin Spring, where our protagonist pulls down a tree and beats himself with its branches. The scene’s impact can be seen as a ritualistic cleansing or the destruction of a newfound religion. No matter how one sees it, the scene possesses a visual and auditory power that is hard to shake.

Invading the Beach: Saving Private Ryan

We don’t need a television series or movie to tell us that war is hell. Yet, sometimes we need these mediums to truly experience it. With Saving Private Ryan’s unbelievably choreographed opening, we experience the thrills (in the worse sense) of war. Featuring rumbling gun fire and bellowing explosions, Saving Private Ryan inserts us into a battle that seemingly becomes a morgue. The scene is tremendously breathtaking in its carnage. When it’s all said and done, it makes it easy for us to appreciate the valor of any soldier who walks in the shadow of death.

Good Morning: Singin in the Rain

It’s said that Gene Kelly was a tyrant on the set of Singin’ in the Rain. Obviously such behavior gets results because the film is often recognized as being one of cinema’s most venerable musicals. Encapsulating the film’s breezy tone and masterful choreography is the “Good Morning” sequence, where the film’s three performers demonstrate their ridiculous talents. Featuring a catchy tune, slapstick comedy, and hypnotic tap dancing, ‘Good Morning” asserts itself as the best in a film filled with memorable musical sequences.


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