The Month of October: Up in Flames

Considering this month revolves around fright, I decided to gear my shot of the month towards the realm of horror. Horror films have depreciated in value over the last twenty years, with few films echoing the horror classics of the 60’s and 70’s. Yet, if there was one film that rattled my mind and left my stomach wrought with ulcers, it’s Gore Verbinski’s horror adaptation, The Ring. There are many grotesquely handsome images in this rain-soaked ghost story, but one that has forever been etched in my memory revolves around a tree that inflames when the sun rips through its leaves at dusk. The red leaves, when illuminated, are an overpowering presence. It’s hard to reconcile the sheer beauty of the tree with its dangerous implications. This vibrant, horrifying moment, offers a surprising burst of color from a film engulfed by sickening green and blue hues.  In other words, nausea turns in to a stinging pain. Red, an angry, blood curdling color, is an indicator of the horrible things still to come. Foolishly, much like the film’s characters, we can’t look away from the death set before us.

Cinematographer: Bojan Bazelli

Director: Gore Verbinski



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