The Month of December: Warm Eyes

It’s hard to make an audience connect with a being generated from a computer. But then again, most computer generated entities aren’t the center of gravity for a film, thus muting their power by default. Yet, there’s also an issue of a CGI character’s vacuous existence. Some characters aren’t seamlessly integrated into the film, while others fail to register a spark of life in their eyes, which has long been a critical argument against Robert Zemeckis’ animation work. Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake of King Kong is one of the few films that impressively crafts a titular CGI character worth our emotion. For as amazing as Kong looks, and for as uncanny Andy Serkis is in his motion capture performance, Peter Jackson and WETA studios makes Kong a moving being because of one thing: the depth of his eyes. As seen in this month’s shot, there’s a tangible sadness that pours from Kong’s eyes as he’s about to lose sight of his love.  It’s through his brown, grief-stricken eyes that we feel undeniably connected to his plight. His unrequited love gains more power when his heart stops, but his eyes remain fixated on his blonde muse. Love, in the face of death, whittled a mountain of a beast down to our size.

Cinematographer: Andrew Lesnie

Director: Peter Jackson



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