Tomorrow’s the Apocalypse: Here’s What I’m Watching

Let’s face it, tomorrow we’re fucked. I don’t know how or why, but our demise is certain. Unless you’re one of those assholes that believe the Mayans ran out of calendar space, tomorrow we’re going to meet our maker or whatever alien race wants to enslave us.  In preparation for my death tomorrow, I’m sending myself out with a few cinematic adventures.

The first film I’m going to watch is Children of Men. Much like my expectations for the day, Children of Men is a constant assault on the senses. Impeccably framed by director Alfonso Cuaron and featuring unbelievable cinematography, plus a story deeply rooted in a dystopian future, Children of Men is the kind of film that can only end badly. Yet, burrowed deep in the fractured future is a fleck of hope that I want in my day.

After my morning begins with impotent men battling for the future, I’m watching Singin’ in the Rain. Fun, energetic, and wholly optimistic, Singin in the Rain is the perfect antidote to a day filled with death and cynicism. Perhaps it’s the film’s wonderfully choreographed musical sequences or the vibrant Technicolor, but Singin in the Rain is the cinema’s version of a Zoloft, albeit without any nagging side effects.

By the time Singin in the Rain runs its course, I’ll be feeling pretty optimistic about the day. Despite crafting a positive demeanor, the end of days should also be a moment of reflection. So, to kill my buzz without disrupting a positive perspective, I’ll watch Julian Schnabel’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Beautifully shot by Janusz Kaminski, and featuring a story that perfectly captures life’s jarring tonal shifts, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly genuinely appreciates the number of breaths that encompasses a human life.

Brought back to an emotional equilibrium of sorts, and having seen three live action films, I think it’s time to watch an animated film. Straight from the Pixar vault, I’m watching Monster’s Inc.  Arguably my favorite animated film ever, Monster’s Inc. fuses childlike enthusiasm with a story that is reassuring in dark times.

Speaking of laughing, I’m following up Monster’s Inc. with an Arrested Development marathon. I know this isn’t a film choice, but I can’t pass up this unbelievable sitcom that features jokes that are like Russian nesting dolls. If you haven’t watched it, hit up Netflix and fit its 53 episode run in now.

Finally, the last film I want to watch is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Undeniably my favorite film of all-time, I’d be remiss if I passed up this genius take on the boy meets girl story. Inventive, romantic, and emotionally rewarding, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a microcosm of everything I love about film and life. The film’s last scene, which is a continuous loop of our two lovers running on Montauk’s snowbound beach, almost as if they’re reuniting over and over again, is the kind of hope anyone would want to see in their fading life. Friendship, love, and life resurrected in the wake of an apocalypse. I like the sound of that ending.

What are you watching?


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