The Month of January: Wavering Flag

Zero Dark Thirty chronicles the United States’ tireless efforts to hunt down famed terrorist Osama bin Laden. Over the course of a decade, US intelligence officials and agents scoured the Middle East, desperately seeking the man behind the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.  Zero Dark Thirty’s protagonist, Maya (Jessica Chastain), personifies the hunger Americans felt after thousands of people were inhumanely murdered. Indebted to her country, Maya wraps herself up in every lead and witness to the point that she’s almost cut off from the world at large. Obsession has seemingly become her mate. In this month’s shot Maya is moments away from finally dictating Osama’s whereabouts after a ten-year struggle. Maya, whose face battles exhaustion, processes the significance of her intel as America looms in the back of her mind. In this one shot, with Maya’s face reflecting on an encased American flag, we grasp the burden the hunt has evolved into. Soon, she will be able to lift the weight of America’s redemption off her back and bury the ghost that ignited war.

Cinematographer: Greig Fraser 

Director: Kathryn Bigelow


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