The Month of February: Into the Frying Pan

Argo is an incredible story that’s brought to life by director Ben Affleck. Telling the tale of a declassified extraction plot processed and implemented by the United States and Canada, Argo has captured the attention of filmgoers and Oscar gold with its triumphant tale of human resolve and uncanny ability to conjure up breathless drama. Much of the film’s success stems from Affleck’s claustrophobic direction, reminding us at every turn that an American found in Iran circa 1980, especially one working for the government, has a bounty on their head. This month’s belated image comes from a singular moment in Argo, where our hero, Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck), swiftly travels through an Iranian airport to begin his extraction mission. Upon his arrival, Mendez finds himself surrounded by various images of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s determined, oppressive gaze. In this moment we truly recognize the danger cloaking Tony’s mission. It’s not as if he simply has to circumvent a handful of bumbling, overweight prison guards. Rather, Tony has to bypass an entire country besmirched by America’s previous political deception and become invisible in a country where all eyes are on him.

Cinematographer: Rodrigo Prieto

Director: Ben Affleck


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