The Months of March and April: Behind the Curtain

After watching the wildly entertaining documentary Room 237, I was reminded how deeply disturbing and beautiful Kurbrick’s take on The Shining is. Every minute detail from the film overwhelms the senses in a way few horror, or thrillers for that matter, have ever achieved. It is truly a maddening experience, one that suffocates the viewers with sleek production, unhinged acting, and an oppressive score. In a film overflowing with consummate shots, there is one that has always left me unnerved:  a stunning shot from the film’s famous room 237. The shot occurs within the room’s bathroom, which sports a mint paint job that feel’s counter intuitive, especially in a hotel whose dark past echoes throughout every hallway.  In typical Kubrick fashion, the shot is aggressively sterile. Clean walls and bright lights thrust our eyes forward, daring us to peek behind the shower curtain in front of us.  There’s a sexual appeal to it all. We know the hotel hides monstrosities, but Kubrick’s composition and production are so enticing, we bypass any common sense and draw back the curtain.

Cinematographer: John Alcott

Director: Stanley Kubrick


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