The Month of May: Hands

It’d be easy to pigeonhole Let the Right One In as a vampire film, or even a horror film, but aligning Tomas Alfredson’s frigid tale to any genre is a gross misappropriation. At its core, Let the Right One In is a deeply romantic tale about two lonely adolescents living on the social fringe. One of our protagonists, Oskar, is an alienated boy who’s bullied on a daily basis. His soul mate is Eli, an ageless vampire who feasts on the warm blood of Sweden’s citizens.  Together, Oskar and Eli develop a deeply rooted bond, one that grows deeper with each snowbound visit they initiate out in front of their apartment complex. This month’s image galvanizes the complex, yet innocent accord established between the living and the seemingly dead.  Eli’s hand, soiled with dried blood, juxtaposed against Oskar’s gloved hand is simplistic in execution, but it perfectly dictates the variable that exists between the two children. In all respects, this is an unholy relationship. Yet, the placement of the hands is achingly romantic, and establishes the yearning of these two lost souls. It’s almost as if they’re reaching out to one another, hoping not to come back empty-handed. From this moment, we can see these creatures of desolation need one another, and it’s a truth that emphatically pierces our hearts.

Cinematographer:  Hoyte van Hoytema

Director: Tomas Alfredson


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