The Month of June: Life’s Wild Rumpus

Where the Wild Things Are is an uncompromising film that has slowly seen its divisive stature whittle over time. Suited more towards an art house crowd than children, Where the Wild Things Are possesses a dizzying concoction of beauty and angst bursting from every frame. Lending the film its naturally sumptuous beauty is director Spike Jonze’s decision to film not on a sound stage, but out in the wilderness, where Mother Nature’s rugged hands craft momentous settings that are at once vivacious and desolate.  In this month’s shot, we see our protagonist Max approaching the monstrous Carol, a seething beast that metaphorically mirrors the emotions running rampant in the aforementioned adolescent. The scene tenderly captures the connection between the two frightened beings, as they’re coming to grips with life’s inevitable change. Aesthetically emulating the turmoil whirling within these beasts is the presence of snow and soiled costumes which provides us with a sense of emotional decay. Broken, but not defeated, the two converse for one last time at Carol’s special place, overlooking the ocean’s brutal, yet harmonious marriage with the beach.  Despite the scene’s dour mood, hope exists in the form of the sun tucked away neatly on the horizon, illuminating Max’s lesson: controlling life’s pendulum is only achieved by letting go.

Cinematographer: Lance Acord

Director: Spike Jonze


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