The Month of January: Romantic Transcendence


My shot of the month is relatively unconventional, at least when compared to my previous selections. Instead of focusing on a shot built around mise-en-scène,  I’ve decided to focus on a moment where darkness controls the screen. The black space that inspires my selection emanates from Spike Jonze’s wondrous new romance, Her. The fade to black comes at a critical point in the film, when our lonely protagonist, Theodore Twombly,  succumbs to the growing love he has for his operating system, Samantha. After an exposing conversation, where both man and disembodied voice dictate their desire for one another, director Spike Jonze blankets us with darkness. As Theodore and Samantha passionately converse with sexual consummation in mind, we’re fixated on an empty screen. Due to the lack of an actual image, we’re undeniably free of constraints and mounting social norms. We are simply tasked with focusing on their affectionate voices. With the guidance of our two lover’s voices, and a splendid score swelling, we achieve romantic catharsis . Invariably we don’t see a man and his computer verbally making love. We simply experience the fusion of two lonely beings transcending the physical plane, finding pleasure and comfort in one another’s existence.

Director: Spike Jonze

**The score eluded to above**


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