The 15 Best Films from 2015

With the Oscars taking place tomorrow, I think it’s a great time to release my “Top 15 Films” list for 2015. Normally a list like this is compiled in December or January, but I had to slowly amass films this year.  Even then, I like the idea of getting more time to see some of my favorite films again; confirming my initial adoration for them. Before I get to my list, I’d like to bring up films that missed the list.

The aforementioned films are all great, and it was a tough decision to leave them off my list. At some point, in the future, they may even see themselves rise in to the Top 15. But at this point in time, they’re on the outside looking in. Now, let’s see my favorite films from 2015:

Number 15: Sweet, Gorgeous, Human- The Good Dinosaur

Number 14: Electric, Powerful, Ferocious- Straight Outta Compton

Number 13: Frightening, Painful, Hopeful- Beasts of No Nation

Number 12: Thoughtful, Poignant, Measured- End of the Tour

Number 11: Insightful, Significant, Incisive- Spotlight

Number 10: Gritty, Violent, Poetic- The Revenant

Number 9: Kinetic, Brilliant, Hasty- Steve Jobs

Number 8: Claustrophobic, Haunting, Loving- Room

Number 7: Bleak, Hilarious, Disheartening- The Big Short

Number 6: Intelligent, Unnerving, Provocative- Ex Machina

Number 5: Creative, Colorful, Emotional- Inside Out

Number 4: Nauseating, Informative, Confrontational- The Look of Silence

Number 3: Elegant, Romantic, Enriching- Carol

Number 2: Audacious, Explosive, Awesome- Mad Max: Fury Road

Number 1: Bruising, Relentless, Triumphant- Creed


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