The 15 Best Films from 2014

Riding the crest of my phantom film awards yesterday, which truly eclipsed the legitimacy of the Oscars, now is the time I name my favorite films from 2014. Regrettably, having a kid, a wife, a full-time job, and a vicious masturbation habit consume most of my waking life, so there are films I regret not seeing. Whiplash, Leviathan, Two Days-One Night, and Mr. Turner are just a handful of films I didn’t see. I know you’re disappointed for me, but don’t worry, I’ll survive. In the meantime, just scan my list and embrace 2014’s greatest cinematic efforts. 

Number 15: Stark, Reserved, and Poignant- Ida

Number 14: Colorful, Infectious, Awesome- The Lego Movie

Number 13: Awkward, Disheartening, Alienating- Force Majeure

Number 12: Haunting, Sexy, Elliptical- Under the Skin

Number 11: Desperation, Desolation, Revenge- Blue Ruin

Number 10: Bonkers, Fluid, Hypnotic- Birdman

Number 9: Playful, Referential, Side-splitting- 22 Jump Street

Number 8: Rich, Grim, Hopeful- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Number 7: Elegant, Effervescent, Bittersweet- The Grand Budapest Hotel

Number 6: Ferocious, Triumphant, Timeless- Selma

Number 5: Affirming, Measured, Reflective- Boyhood 

Number 4: Transcendent, Absorbing, Heartfelt- Interstellar

Number 3: Frightening, Nuanced, Tragic- Foxcatcher

Number 2: Gripping, Deliberate, Masterful- A Most Violent Year

Number 1: Nostalgic, Absurd, Romantic- Inherent Vice


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